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"Ana is imaginative, hardworking and loves what she does. She will put her heart and soul into every project. If you want your photos to be special, hire her."
Victoria O'May 
Ana Frantz Photography-2.jpg

Photography that tells a story.

It’s our stories that connect us, and photography is one of the most engaging ways to tell yours. 


Whether it’s the story of your brand.

The story of those you love, or your own personal story.


As an artist, it’s my job to translate the stories that make us who we are. Capturing fragments of time, in all of their beauty, to be preserved forever. Without the need for words.

My calling is in capturing those moments, emotions, and personalities in creative, and spontaneous ways. 


I love to work with adventurous brands and people who invite me to tell their story through my unique lens. 


But it starts with you. I seek to understand you and your (brand or personal) story, then add the imagination to bring your story, and your spark/inspiration, to life.  


I want you to feel relaxed and like your true selves in front of the camera. It’s my holy grail for you to forget the camera is even there.


Whoever you are, or whatever your brand represents, my mission is to help you (and it) to feel seen - with creativity, authenticity, and heart. 


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